First ride…

So I finally have the motorcycle…and a broken foot. Now what? Go for a ride of course! And I knew exactly where I wanted to go. The Saturday morning meet-up of the Moto Euro Breakfast Club (MEBC) in northern San Diego county. You see, I couldn’t go before. I had a Suzuki. The MEBC’s motto was simple: “No Hondas, No Harleys” in other words, my Japanese bike, despite it being a “classic” from 1973, was not allowed to attend.  

I had run into members of the group several times however, as they sometimes dropped by the “Secret Car Club” meet-up in Rancho Santa Fe after their Saturday breakfast. I often attended with my 1959 Chevrolet Impala Convertible, which I had restored over a decade before.

Pre-Griso days, I would attend car shows with my Impala.

Happily, the next breakfast meeting for the MEBC was only about 8 miles from my home. And while I was still sporting a large brace which completely immobilized my right foot, “It wasn’t a big deal,” I told myself.  “After all, who really uses the rear brake, anyway?” So Saturday morning dawned a beautiful bright and sunny spring day, and I excitedly set out for breakfast. The ride was lovely, it was cool at 8:00 in the morning, but not overly so. As I was riding along, the engine purring contentedly, I was loving riding that bike, despite my handicap. I just made sure to leave lots of space between me and the car in front of me.

When I arrived at Loïc Restaurant, there was already a large crowd of bikes. I shook hands, everybody made their introductions and sat down for breakfast. Did I mention I was the only woman there?

Robert, Alex, Bob, Steve and I.

After breakfast, an Italian gentleman came up and introduced himself. He had a MV Agusta Brutale, and his name was Andrea. I’ve never forgotten his comment. He looked at me, then at the bike… and said (in a thick Italian accent): “Theeesa bika, she’sa too beegga for you!” I tried to hide my annoyance and just shrugged it off. I have heard the same comment from many other men since. And as it turned out, Andrea and I were to become good friends.

That first morning at the MEBC

My Saturday morning rides to the MEBC became a rarely-missed weekly event. I made some great friends there, and we went on after-breakfast rides to Julian and to the East county of San Diego. It was a great beginning to my Guzzi experience. However, I soon found myself wanting to travel. To ride farther than to work or to breakfast. I wanted to go so far that I would need to spend the night. So- before summer arrived, I was doing exactly that….

9 thoughts on “First ride…

  1. I have always thought that the Griso in that color combination with the letter seat is absolutely one of the most beautiful bikes made in the world today. Great choice


  2. I’ve had the experience of driving my bike wearing high heels boots, never tried to do it wearing a plasterine boot as you did, unstoppable Tracy!
    You describe some situations very similar to mine, you guess what? Being the only female … And being told something annoying about driving a bike, even if i’ve always had smaller bikes.


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