Redeeming the time

“Day 52 of my captivity” makes me think of the infamous “Sad Cat Diary” that has over 29 million views on YouTube ( Happily, my confinement appears to be drawing to an end. I admit there have been days that were frustrating… especially those fine, lovely spring days when I would have loved to wander freely on my Griso in this beautiful region. And having to print out and sign an official document each time I wanted to go out to stretch my legs or pick up groceries has been annoying. And then there is this blog. I have not felt like I have had much to say that would interest those who read it- so I have remained silent. Today it’s time to shake off the cobwebs.

Practice makes perfect… and gives me a goal.

Despite my not being talkative, I have not been idle during these two months. From day one I set several goals I wanted to achieve (which admittedly, I thought would last at most 3 weeks!), namely: Improve my drumming, learn Italian and be in better shape. I am happy to say that I have accomplished every goal. I am a much better drum player today and practice an hour each day. I speak Italian better thanks to a GREAT teacher™. And I’m in much better shape than I was 8 weeks ago. I can run farther, I can do more pull-ups (10 at last count) and I’ve lost 6 pounds. No bingeing on Netflix and cartons of Haagen-Dazs Macadamia Brittle ice cream for me.

Cabris. So far a safe haven.

And I prefer to count my blessings rather than ruminate on the negatives: I live in a beautiful small village. As of this date, no one here has been diagnosed with the virus. What a blessing! As for teaching, I’ve gradually been able to teach some of my students using Zoom; this been a great learning experience; both for me and for them. The normally indifferent cat that adopted me 4 years ago has become surprisingly affectionate. It’s been nice to have her companionship. Plus, thanks to Facetime and Whatsapp, I’ve been able to keep in touch with my family in the US, and with dear friends in Italy and France. And I’ve made new friends…friends I plan to keep long after this virus has run it’s course.

Not especially fond of grocery shopping before the quarantine, any (legal) excuse to ride now is welcome…

I’ve discovered the joys of Carrefour drive, placing compact orders of groceries that I can fit into a tail bag on my motorcycle. What a pleasure it is to make the 14 kilometer round-trip once a week! Any excuse to get out on my bike.

I go outside for a run or a walk every day that I can, within the legal time limit of one hour, and maximum distance of 1 kilometer from my domicile. It means a lot of running back and forth, but at least I’m running!

As I have said, I have counted my blessings. My friends in Italy have had it so much worse, for so much longer, than me. It breaks my heart to see their families sick, and to watch friends here in France lose loved ones to this plague.

And as for you dear reader- I hope you are well. I’m sure you have had interesting experiences and have many stories to tell about this historic time we are now living. I hope you too will share them. And.. I hope to see you out on the road in the weeks to come. Monday May 11th I will have the right to ride up to 100 kilometers from my home. And I plan to do exactly THAT!

9 thoughts on “Redeeming the time

  1. Hi Tracy it’s good to read that you are ok and looking forward. With your previous life experiences and positive outlook I am sure you will be fine. Covid in the UK is equally devastating, yesterday we achieved the highest death rate in Europe. I too am in my 50’s, with my mother in a care home and brother in hospital times are tough. Building my latest Guzzi has helped, I have also dusted off my guitars, currently learning some Eric Church and Riley Green material . My gym is closed too so home training at present! Keep focused and smiling, soon the Grizo will reward you again! Regards Al Cox

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    1. Hi Al, I feel for you. I know that this virus is taking it’s toll everywhere, and I’ll be praying for your mother and your brother! It’s great that you are playing (I found music to be a big encouragement) AND working out!


  2. Dear Tracy,

    so good to hear that you are well and there are no invected people in your village.
    And it’s great to hear that you are successful in making progress in skills, work out, etc.
    I admire your mental strength how you’re going straight for your goals.
    I haven’t been such successful, although I have done a lot of work in house and garden.
    I hope you enjoyed your ride, you surely did in the meantime.
    Here in Germany we hadn’t such a strickt lock down, but of course a lot of restrictions too.
    They started to loosening them and I’m a bit afraid, if it doesn’t go too fast.
    On the other hand I’m looking forward of going to Italy to Moto Guzzi Open House in September. I hope it will take place.

    Take care and stay healthy all of you!

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  3. Hi Tracy,
    Good to read, that you are well. I admire how straight you go for your goals. Respect!
    Here in Germany we didn’t have such a strikt lock down and we are about loosening the restrictions. I hope that we don’t go too fast and it all comes back.
    It would be amazing to go to Moto Guzzi Open House this year, but we will see, if it takes place.
    I saw your film on YouTube. I can imagine how you feld, finally go riding again on your Griso! All amazing: special situation, amazing bike, amazing landscape and of course an amazing woman in a cool outfit!

    Stay save all of you!

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