…the word holds a new significance. Perhaps because I am from a generation that has taken its liberty lightly. I’ve never had to go to war to defend it. And my country has been the standard-bearer for freedom around the world. Eight weeks of severe “freedom deprivation” here in France has made me appreciate it more than ever before.

Today I can see my friends face-to-face (or at least, mask-to-mask). Last night I went to dinner at the house of friends (thank you Steff and Sylvain). What a joy! Today I will get on my Griso and RIDE… anywhere I darn well please! Or, almost. Anywhere within 100 kilometers of my home. And within those 100km, I can ride to Castellane, the Gorge du Verdon or Entreveaux, places that people from all over the world come to visit each year… practically in my own back yard. On June 3rd I may even be able to cross the border into Italy! The taste of Freedom here in Europe is sweet.

This deserves a song!

First real ride in over 8 weeks.

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